HiStore apk 1.7.0

With the App HiStore apk allows to shop online especially for those of you who are in Indonesia, which in the App allows choosing and finding a variety of products that you can specify according to what you are looking for. And for products there are fashion, beauty, health, electronics, lifestyle, food and drinks, archipelago handicrafts, travel, travel, entertainment and much more.

And to note for this HiStore was created using the Smart Technology Platform (Smart Technology) as a means to build a large ecosystem so that it can directly participate in building a more advanced Indonesian digital economy.

And allows anyone and anywhere can shop online and the timeliness of goods received by the buyer because it is supported by a wide selection of trusted courier services. If you are currently looking for the application and want to use, please download it below.

Histore apk Shop
26 April 2020

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